Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Warranty process:

Breaking, fragmentation, scratching, problems that may occur in the final deterioration are not considered to be guaranteed. Guarantee only to be reported from production and cargo (product can be shipped with cargo) before the cargo goes to damaged products.

Defective Product process:

Product acceptance conditions for defective products are checked. Breaking, fragmentation, scratching, etc. Causes of failures were guaranteed. Product information is limited to the conditions we provide. If the conditions are appropriate, the product is repaired or replaced.

Product Return Process:

Requests for return within 15 days are notified by phone or mail. Your refund request will be processed as soon as possible and you will receive feedback on this matter. The products whose return request is approved are delivered to the original product packaging, placement, undamaged and without any problem as soon as possible to any cargo at the place of shipment at the company address.

Product acceptance conditions:

Cargo solution problem, Physical processor, Missing product. Faults in the products covered by the warranty are repaired or replaced in cases where repair is not possible. The warranty was comprehensive, a new fee was delivered. Failure-corrected products will allow you to infect with cargo.

Delivery and Invoice Addresses:

We will deliver your order if you have entered. One of the most common reasons for delays in deliveries is insufficient address information. Please provide your full delivery address. Since the billing address information cannot be changed after invoicing, please do not approve the order until you are absolutely certain of your billing information. Your order can be canceled before your phone number becomes inaccessible via security check. Please make sure that the phone number you entered on the site is correct, these numbers and any information on your e-mail address for any information regarding your order.

Delivery to Address Only:

All shipments are delivered to the address and the person concerned. Goods cannot be delivered from the cargo branch. We deliver it to the recipient's address after checking their credentials to the secluded near the first-class rooms.

My order came pulsed, broken what should I do?

The products DUVARONLINE.com sells are checked for damage immediately before they are delivered to the cargo company. Our company has never been shipped damaged from our company. The direct transport button can be dropped or the cargo link is damaged. They can do this type of thing;

When your order is delivered by the cargo officer, you have to check dış Damage Detection Report dış in case of any damage and damage to the outer package. As a result of the damage determination report, another point is the statements that the cargo officers stated in the minutes. Ready, “There was damage to the carton. The product is damaged. "A record, such as damage to the transport vehicles will be interpreted, problems need to be created. For the damaged product must be kept in full and accurate words to warn the officer. (Ex. Product use and cleaning system was seen.) After delivering your order on this issue will be completed in some way and you will be informed.

IMPORTANT: The size of our factory arriving damaged in your hand should send us with the delivery company.

My invoice was not delivered with my order what should I do?

We deliver the cargo company according to the total invoice and invoice of the orders delivered by cargo. Our official invoices are an integral part of your order. If for any reason the cargo company does not deliver the invoice size, please remind the cargo officer and insistently ask. For all invoices that cannot be delivered, please submit a report and inform us. As soon as the cargo company finds or the original ones will be sent to us on one side with stamp.

What should be considered during cargo delivery?

The products you place in your order from our site, we deliver the cargo officer with you when you have signed the receipt after checking the cargo package opens. If there is any inaccuracy or deficiency in the contents of the package, you can prepare a cargo report and send it back to us.